Product development


We do not only offer final product but support our customers from the design of an innovative product idea to the final product.


Product development from plant raw material to consumer ready products including: 


   • Active ingredients

   • Excipients

   • Dosage form

   • Packaging



ADDvance Pharma is active in the development, manufacturing and marketing of natural products in innovative product forms of high quality.


We strive to create customer valued products ranging from botanical ingredients to solid dosage forms and market ready products.


Only working with the best raw material suppliers and GMP certified manufacturer. 




Working with partners all over the world is not only a big challenge but it also gives us good indications and impulses from various markets, giving us excellent experience in product developing world wide. Participating in exhibitions is also a way for us to meet up with partners and getting inspiration for new developments.


WHY partner with us?


  • we are a flexible partner


  • we have short decision and lead time


  • we get a product to market quickly


  • we do customized solutions


  • we support from design to final product

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Tel: +46 (0) 42 323430

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