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ADDvance Chewing gum

Like tablets and capsules the modern chewing gum is a product form for active 

ingredients. Chewing gum, however, offers some important advantages compared

to traditional product forms. Now you can shew the gum for many reasons.


It is not only for the pleasure to chew and get a fresh taste but also to

restore optimum pH levels and neutralising plaque acids, which are a risk

factor in the development of dental caries. As extra benefit you have the

active ingredients in the gum promoting well being and good health.

Chewing gum with active ingredients


While chewing the actives are released, dissolved in saliva and available for absorption. With active ingredients added in the gums you get an easy supply of vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients without having to swallow a tablet or capsule.

Due to the ingredients used in the chewing gum and the regulations in force, this dosage form constitutes a possible solution for your dental care (teeth, dry mouth, dental plaque...) and also as supplements.

Direct compressed chewing gum (DC)


This is a preferable method for sensitive active ingredients. No heat or moisture are involved in the manufacturing process. The DC-gum has a very good stability because the moisture content of the powder is very low, much lower than in a traditional extruded chewing gum.

This chewing gum comes uncoated or coated in any natural color you prefer. A coated chewing gum have broad acceptance and many customers prefer them. Adding a coating does not only give the gum a crunchy effect but also protects the product.

It is packed in blisters of 8 gums/blister or in bottles or bags in the preferred size.

Laminated chewing gum


Is the more traditional type of chewing gum. The gumbase is heated, extruded, shaped and packaged. It normally comes coated in the natural color you prefer. It is also possible to add active ingredients to this type of chewing gum as long as they survive the heating process.


This gum is packed in blisters of 12 gums or in bottle or bags in the preferred size

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