ADDvance Supplements

ADDvance Pharma offers a wide range of supplements in different forms, tablets, capsules,

powder and liquids. We help our customers to find the most innovative and adequate form

for their needs, taking care of everything from formulation to final product.


We are specialized in developning new customer adapted formulations directing

and controling the whole production process from raw material to custom ready

product at the highest quality achievable


Solid dosage forms


The capsules are odorless and tasteless, making them easy for patients to swallow. The casings break down faster, rapidly releasing the contents into the blood stream. Capsule also makes it possible to fit higher amount of ingredients in one dosage.


Tablets comes in many different shapes and sizes, coated and uncoated to accommodate the users needs for creating the optimal effect combining different active ingredients.

It is also possible to create a multilayer tablet that offers different layers with different release profile, creating an even more efficient and varied tablet.


Other dosage forms


Some clients prefere the product in powder form for the ability to dissolve it easily in liquid. Packaging in sachets or in bottles are the most common packaing forms for powder. 


Some supplements comes in liquid form and require bottling in glas or plastic bottle.


Consumer ready product

Both tablets and capsules can be packed in blisters, bottles or bags depending on the needs.

We have the possibility to take the care of packaging solution and can offer different suitable packaging types, always searching for the best packaging solution for every dosage form.